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Commercial / Business Insurance

Claim rejection or partly rejected claims 

businessThere is no “typical” commercial / business insurance cover.

Insurers offer a wide range of standard and non-standard extensions to their policies to meet the specific needs of their commercial / business customers.

Here are some of the rejected/partialy rejected claims we are currently dealing with
  • Professional Indemnity claims
  • Burglary or theft claims
  • Fire claims ­
  • Flood claims
  • Water damage
  • Third party claims

A rejected claim means the insurer will not pay anything until they are happy that they are liable for the claim, we will therefore fight on your behalf to obtain an early admission of liability.

Once the insurer has accepted liability we will then negotiate an interim payment to ensure your business continues to trade during this difficult time.

Whatever your business/commercial insurance claim, My Insurer Won’t Pay can assist
  • Assess the total value of your claim
  • Assess the prospects of success
  • Assess the damage and loss to your business
  • Assess the damage to buildings, stock and contents
  • Assess your business interruption claim
  • Assess if you are entitled to additional compensation

We will obtain the maximum settlement you are entitled to recover using our significant expertise and knowledge of repudiated insurance claims.

  • High Success Rate

  • Short Payout Time

  • Large Sums Recovered

  • Nationwide Coverage

Warranties and Conditions

Some commercial / business insurance policies contain warranties and conditions that are not found in other insurance policies. In each case, we will review whether it was correct for the insurer to reject or partially reject the claim and rely on a strict interpretation of the warranty or condition in question.

Where a claim has been rejected because the insurer says a policyholder has breached a warranty or condition, we will review to see whether there is a direct link between the breach and the loss the consumer has suffered.  For example, it is not unusual for an insurer to reject a fire claim because a specific type of burglar alarm was not fitted.

If a commercial / business policyholder was represented by a broker, it may be that the broker should have been aware that certain facts needed to be disclosed. In these cases, we might consider it more appropriate for the policyholder to make a claim directly against the broker.

It not an unusual occurrence and sometimes Insurance Companies do make the wrong decision.

If you have had a Commercial or Business Insurance claim either completely or partly rejected within the last 5 years, My Insurer Won’t Pay will happily review your claim for a nominal fee of £150 thereafter our panel of solicitors will happily consider to undertake your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis where they feel there is a potential opportunity for the case to be successful. 


  • My insurer did pay in the end! Delighted with the outcome.

    Miss Hurlston, Sheffield

  • True experts in their field. Very efficient and helpful. You should be extremely proud of your team.

    Mr Savage, Manchester

miwp_rejectedThere are a number of reasons why your claim could be rejected:

  • Incorrect information – if you gave wrong information at any stage (for example, about how something got damaged), it could affect your claim.
  • Lack of due care– for example, you may have unknowingly contributed to the event  which may mean you’re not covered under the terms of the policy.
  • You didn’t take reasonable care to answer all the questions on the application truthfully and accurately – for example you might not have told the company about a pre-existing medical condition, county court judgment (CCJ) or criminal conviction.

If you are not happy with the reasons the insurance company give for rejecting your claim, contact My Insurer Won’t Pay and we will happily review your claim. 

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We act for consumers and businesses who have had genuine insurance claims over £5,000 rejected within the last 5 years or the offer made on their insurance claim is too low.

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